Don't Sleep on Kendrick

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Kendrick Lamar's soundtrack behind the Motion Picture, Black Panther is holding down the top spot at both the Box Office and Billboard 200 Charts.

"If you are Reading This It's Too Late". Just kidding I won't talk Drake Smack to ya. 

But seriously, whenever you have time to sample this album it is definitely worth your time. If there are any Marvel Nerds reading this, the movie was two-thumbs up. It is the best way to hear the Soundtrack behind the motion picture. 

The album has solid features like Vince Staples, Travis Scott, SZA, The Weekend, and Schoolboy Q. 

On top of the stellar features the best part of the album is the lyrics by the West Coast's very own. In most of Kendrick's albums he addresses social issues and creates self-awareness in the best way possible. 

It may seem like racial social tensions are heating up again, but Kendrick is suppressing the hate with his lyrics. At Nectar we don't stand for that type of Hate and we think Kendrick is dealing with the situation the right type of way.

Start March with some new music in your I-Tunes library and get at your boy.

Your Welcome,

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