The inspo behind Nectar’s pineapple logo

With a business’s evolution comes an fresh logo, and Nectar chose the friendly, recognizable and deliciously sweet pineapple as a symbol of all we have become and strive to be going forward.

The pineapple is tropical, brightly colored, aromatic, super-sweet fruit surrounded by tough segmented skin and topped with a tuft leaves. It says tough yet playful. Sturdy and sexy. Its gem is hidden within. 

“We wanted something clean and fresh,” says Nectar co-founder Dylan Roukous of the design, which was created with team and customer feedback. “Our intent for the new logo was to make something that encompassed everything about the brand. The pineapple is seen as a symbol of hospitality, and we also see it as a very sweet fruit that is enjoyed on vacation and embodies the ocean lifestyle.”

But the inspiration didn’t stop there. Nectar wanted the simple pineapple rendering to make more subtle statements about what the brand already represents and aspires to.

Nectar’s bee cause needed to come in somewhere, too. With a solid commitment to supporting organizations and causes that help save the world’s honeybee population, the brand tasked its designer to build in that key cause element, too. 



Look close. “The lines across the body of the logo lend themselves to the bees that we donate to,” Roukous explains. “This gives the pineapple a street-wear feel, but it also showcases the fact that we help save the bees.”

Nectar’s new logo may be a visual representation of the sunglass brand, but it’s also a celebration of where the business began—and how far it has come in such a short time.

“In the six years of business we have been fortunate to experience growth year over year,” Roukous says. “We’ve gone from operating out of a tiny apartment to a massive warehouse, and we have a great team of individuals and work environment.” 

And while Nectar sunglasses’ price point has always been attractive to customers, it’s the quality for that price that has made a lasting impression.      

"The product quality has improved so much that now we are being compared to products that are over $150,” says Roukous. “The future holds innovations and products that have never been done before.” 

Yes, all that in a pineapple.

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