Meet surfing songwriter Nick Bailey

Nick Bailey has been churning up the L.A. music scene with recent addictive hits like “Driveway” for artist Culpriit.




“I had a lot of fun writing and producing the song, and driving around blasting it when it was finished,” Bailey says. “It’s about being young on the weekend or in the summer with nowhere to go and nothing to do. I knew that feeling all too well. It was nice to get it off my chest!”


Now signed with Prescription Songs, Bailey, who is originally from Virginia Beach, writes and produces his pop songs. He began his musical career in bands Over It and Runner Runner.

Bailey attributes his success to his family, team, co-writers, and plenty of patience and perseverance. “They all play a role in my inspiration and they keep me going,” he says.


We caught up with Bailey to learn more:


What do you love most about the songwriting process?

I love everything about it—the highs, the lows, the in-between—it’s all fun for me. Some days I think of titles and concepts; I have millions of them written down. Some days I like playing piano and guitar and coming up with melodies. Most days I do all of the above. Even when I’m not in the studio, I’m still thinking of ideas. When you can make a song out of thin air in a day and you want to play on repeat, that feeling is really great.

What experiences tend to inspire your lyrics?

I pay attention to everything around me: What people say and what they do, I use it all in my songs. Relationships, past and present, inspire most of my lyrics, but I like listening to people, too. Conversations usually have a cool lyric in them—you just gotta be on the lookout. Traveling also gives me ideas. Every surf trip I take I come home with song ideas. My life is family, music, surfing. Repeat.

What advice would you give young artists trying to break into the business?

Make it personal; don’t take it personal. When you write a song, make it very personal and honest. When you finish the song and send it around to get feedback and pitch it, don’t take it personal when someone doesn’t like it or doesn’t respond. Keep writing!


How do you rock your favorite Nectar sunnies?

I love the Coltic and the Alpine, but they’re all rad. I wear Nectars every day going to the studio and cruising the beach. This video might give you a better idea of a day in the life of a surfing songwriter.



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