Shady ideas for Halloween night

If Halloween is all about getting silly or going scary, then sunglasses are the ideal holiday accessories. Shades can let you hide—or be seen. They can accentuate an outfit or play it down. They can make you fit in—or totally stand out from the crowd. On Halloween night, sunglasses play some interesting roles.

There are tons of cool costumes that require shades. Take Chester Cheetah, the essence of a cool cat. How about big Elvis in his signature sunnies or class act Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Spies or secret agents, anyone? Think Jack Nicholson, Andy Warhol or Karl Lagerfeld.

Then there’s Tom Cruise in Risky Business, who only needed that innocent haircut and a pair of Wayfarers. We’re also summoning a bad-cop costume, complete with vintage eyewear. Michael Jackson and Ferris Bueller rocked sunglasses in style. What about a head-banded hippie in roundies? The options are endless.

In addition to being an awesome accessory for tons of Halloween customs, sunglasses assist in other ways you might not have even considered on America’s annual night of debauchery.

  1. They make you dance better, because you don’t have to look anyone in the eye when you do that weird little jig.
  2. They cut down on glare from punk trick-or-treaters shining their flashlights directly in your eyes or car windshield.
  3. I don’t know why, but doesn’t some music just sound better while wearing shades?
  4. They protect you from the rainbow of strobe lights bouncing around your favorite club.
  5. As needed, they help you hide from authority figures.
  6. They make you more intimidating—and mysterious—if you’re into that kind of thing.
  7. You can watch that girl or guy you’re digging without getting the perv or slut glare.
  8. You can quickly broadcast “uninterested or disinterested” when you wear them when the sun’s not out, a la Melania.
  9. Because freethinkers and risk-takers wear sunglasses any time they like.
  10. They can change your whole perspective, if you let them.

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