The Sunniest Places On The Earth

Have you ever wondered what geographic locations on this planet are the brightest and receive the most sunlight? If you walk into these places without Nectar Sunglasses you might lose your high definition vision. Stay protected with #NectarVision and cop a pair for #NationalSunglassesDay.

1. Yuma, Arizona 

According to Guinness World Records, Yuma receives an average of 11 hours of sun per day. Fun Fact: It is also the location for the set of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

2. Lassen Volcanic National Park, California

The sun is out all day long here shining at 88% of each day. Why wouldn't you bring a pair of Nectars to a volcanic park? 

3. Kiribati

Kiribati is not just one island but a chain of 33 islands. It is approximately 4,000 miles+ off the coast of Australia and is one of the sunniest islands in the world. If you happen to be in a "Cast Away" type scenario we hope your Nectar Sunglasses are in your Survival Kit.

4. Agadez, Niger

This is another desert oriented location, but if you are chasing the sunlight and a desert adventure Agadez is your destination. Scientists claim that this location is one of the most solar soaked places on the planet. It receives approximately a total of 13 hours of sunlight. 

5. Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands are 60 miles off the coast of Morocco. Many Europeans chase the summer season here and it receives a solid 11 hours of sun per day. 

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