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For these modern rock legends, shades have become as much a part of their image as the iconic top hat of Slash, or the wild, retro look of Lenny Kravitz. Whether you prefer Aviators like Kid Rock, or hipster sunglasses like John Lennon, there’s bound to be a pair of shades out there that complements your own unique style.

Lenny Kravitz

polarized aviator sunglassesArguably the most stylish rock star alive today, Lenny Kravitz is a profound artist in both music and fashion. Best known for powerful hits like “Are you Gonna Go My Way” and “American Woman”, Kravitz is adored by fans and critics alike. He switches up his style every now and again, but you can always find him rocking out his signature look with a nose ring and a pair of aviators. Simply put, Lenny is as cool as they come. The guys want to be him and the girls want to be with him. Keep rocking it Lenny, we like your style.

Kid Rock

aviator sunglassesBursting onto the scene with his 1998 album, Devil Without a Cause, Kid Rock is one of the most successful rock artists to come out of Detroit since Kiss. Known for his signature long hair, polarized aviators, trucker hats, and a badass attitude, Kid Rock was the first to combine the worlds of rock, rap, and country. No matter where he’s at, or what he’s doing, Kid Rock is out there making waves like we have never seen before.

John Lennon

cheap hipster sunglassesOf course we have to mention the late and great John Lennon. You can’t help but think of him when it comes to musicians and their statement sunglasses. Rarely seen without his round, hipster style frames, both he and his former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr have become sunglass-wearing icons. Lennon’s style of shades has become legendary, and the inspiration for photographers, artists, and fashion designers alike. Sadly, he left us far too soon. However, during his life he was a great musician, activist, and inspiration to many. John Lennon was one of a kind, and so were his shades.


dark sunglassesGuns and Roses were arguably the most famous band of the 80’s, and with a combination of volatile, wild members who just couldn’t get along, they released songs that are still hits to this day. While the iconic voice of Axl Rose was a major part of their success, the lead guitarist Slash is an equally significant rock legend. The guitar slinging, shades wearing rock star, Slash is never seen on stage without his dark shades, huge hair, and a top hat.  

Elton John

rose tinted sunglassesNo single artist has continued to evolve and remain in the spotlight like Sir Elton John himself. His eclectic styles carries over from his music, to his fashion, and also to his shades. Mostly known for his interesting choice for color combinations and frames, Elton John never lets us down when it comes to his shades. The last thing he wants to do is blend in, and he uses his sunglasses to stand out. Elton John gets it; sunnies are meant for living the sweet life, and that's exactly what he does. We here at Nectar can appreciate that. Some people think it’s weird, we think its awesome.

Rock Legends and Their Shades

Every decade of music has its shade-wearing legends. These musicians rocked the stage, and their shades. They have shown us that being cool isn't about blending in, it's about expressing your own style. From Lenny Kravitz to John Lennon, Slash to Kid Rock, some musicians are able to attain lifetime popularity, making their shades part of an iconic image that will be remembered forever. Get your own pair of legendary shades here from Nectar Sunglasses. Go be epic, and use your sunnies to do it.

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