Bam Margera's Resurgence

Has anyone been keeping track of Bam?

For those of you that didn't get the Memo, Bam Margera has returned to skateboarding after 5 years of being MIA. In this Vice Series titled, "Epicly Later'D", Bam explains the adversity he was facing and opens up about his inner demons along with fighting his alcohol problem. Most of us saw Bam acting a fool on Viva La Bam, but we all knew that Bam on the inside was a different person and that he was running away from his problems by partying. Bam admits in the documentary that he wanted to return to skateboarding to help him with being sober and recovery. 

We are glad that Bam is getting back in the game skate and has made steps in a better direction. This "Epicly Later'D" is inspirational for sure, so if you are looking for motivation this is where you can find some.


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