1st Annual Holiday Popup

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Nectar Holiday Pop-up

Join us for Nectar’s 1st Annual Holiday Pop-up on Sunday, December 16th from 1pm - 5pm. We will be selling Vintage and Retired sunglasses along with one-of-a-kind samples - FOR LOCALS ONLY! We love to give back to the city that has provided us with so many good times!

Meet and greet with the Nectar Crew AND The Hip Abduction before they play their “Never Miss a Sunday Show” set at the Pourhouse.

Santa’s also making an appearance so make sure you get your instagram photo on his lap.

Other giveaways include:
- 8ft Liquid Shredder Surf Board
- McKevlins Holiday Gift pack
- Nectar Gear packages 
- Apis Mercantile CBD Honey packages

We’ll be sure to have Holiday refreshments and cheer for all! Happy Holidays Charleston

Here's a playlist to get you pumped for Sunday!

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Holiday Buzz at Bohemian Bull

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Our friends at Bohemian Bull are hosting the Holiday Buzz community party on December 1st benefitting Toys for Tots.  This will be a holiday party for a good cause hosted by Apis Mercantile, Carolina Surf Brand, Nectar Sunglasses, and Shred Season Surfboards.  There will be live music, giveaways, drink specials, surf films, s'mores and more!

We will be giving away Goodie Bags as well as showing off our New 2019 frame styles.

Also, they will be collecting donations for Toys for Tots during the event, so bring a child's toy to donate!

Events Include: 

- Ugly Sweater/ Holiday Outfit Contest

- Live Music

- Drink & Food Specials

- Ice Luge with Naked Turtle White Rum

- S'mores around an open fire

- Surf Films

- Music by Wallace Brown & The Peacemakers 

The Holiday Buzz
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420 Kit

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420 fell on a Friday this year and we hope everyone is able to take part in festivities wherever you might be. What are your plans for 420 ? Before you head out to any social outing on this day be sure to bring your necessities. It's time to start preparing your 420 Kit and getting ready for Ignition !

Tools & Tech Items for Your 420 Kit: 

Get yourself some bling and roll in style with Shine Rolling papers if you are a baller. 


The "Medtainer" is a smell proof container and grinder that is excellent for mobility and travel. It is a functional 2 in 1 tool every blazer must have. The plastic grinder works well and is no different than your standard aluminum or steel one.

Go stealth mode with the iHit and never worry about stashing joints in your socks and or pockets. Sometimes your joints never make it out alive in those areas and get crunched up. Stay organized and low key with the iHit.

Forget your blowtorch and propane and go with the battery-powered portable E-Nails by Cloud Vapes. If you are really about the dab life you have to add this to your arsenal.

Be sure to have your Nectar Sunglasses with you on this day, and spread the word to your friends in the marijuana industry about our sunglasses designed for Growers that are working around harmful LED light rays.

Hope everyone has a Safe and Righteous 420.





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Brews For the Beach

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The coming of a new season means a new lineup of beers on deck. What are you sippin' on when you go to the beach? Hops or Wheat? Light or Heavy? Corona & Limes or mystery box craft beers? 

For the beach the best type of beer to look for is fruity and light without the Bud. Gosh, please change up your basic style it's 2018 and the craft beer industry is revolutionizing the way you drink and enjoy a cold one. 

Let's take a trip into the Beer World and see what it has to offer for the Summer season:

The "Briney Melon" by Anderson Valley is a Gose styled beer. For those of you that do not know much about Gose here is a small introduction. Gose's originated from Germany and are brewed with a combination of malt and wheat. Gose's have a citrus, acidic, mellow tart, taste. Gose's will certainly quench your thirst on a Summer Beach Day. Save Water Drink Beer ! 

 "Firefly Ale" is brewed by the famous Dogfish Head Brewery of the Mid-Atlantic region and is the official beer of Firefly Music Festival. For those of you that are going to Firefly this year I recommend to stop by the Dogfish Ale truck where ever it might be in the festival. Cheers Mate !

It is totally worth it to go to your local indie wine & beer store just to find this particular beer. Bell's Brewery is out of Michigan and they do a fine job with this seasonal release. Get on It ! 


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Justin Morris: Photographs from Follyhood

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Natural light is photographer Justin Morris’ muse. The way it plays on the water, preferably highlighting a surfer, is the what this Folly Beach-based artist lives for. 

Whether he’s on his home beaches of South Carolina or in the boonies of Bali, Morris makes time for the light to work its magic. His craft is pointing and snapping his lens to capture a moment in time ... like no other. 

How did you get into photography?

I have always been interested in photography, but it was really once I got my first dslr camera in 2010. I was working at a hotel with a buddy of mine who was shooting surf. I would pick his brain for hours to try and figure out more about photography and learn as much as I could. Shooting in the water was also a huge breakthrough, because I can take photos of our area that aren't very common. I really enjoy shooting surf and ocean photography, but also enjoy travel photography. I just love the endless possibilities that come with knowing how to capture photos. 

Why Folly Beach?

Folly Beach is so special to me because of the people and general vibe of the island. I've been living on Folly the last six years and it has a way of pulling you in. I love the surf community here, and everyone is very supportive of each other. Artists will help each other out and it’s not so much a me-versus-you mentality. Living on the island inspires my photography because the island is rarely the same two days in a row. The light changes, the landscape changes, the crowds change and it’s always changing depending on the time of year. That keeps me on my toes. 

What type of projects are you most interested in pursuing in the future?

I am very excited about a project/show called Animal Shred 2 that I’m doing with my buddy Kate Barattini. She’s very talented and creates killer paintings of human bodies with animal heads. For our show in August, I will be introducing photography with some surf-related shots of people wearing animal masks. 

You shoot a lot of surf and travel. How do you emphasize and incorporate these activities into your own life?

Shooting surf and travel actually go hand-in-hand. There is surf all over the world and I'm always looking forward to my next spot to explore. I love going to new places. I love feeling out of my comfort zone. It has helped me grow as a photographer and as a person. 

Coolest place you’ve traveled for work/fun? What destinations are on the schedule for this year?

I recently went to Asia for the first time and had a mind-blowing experience. I feel like I could go over there for a year and still not see everything I’d like to see. I’m trying to get back to Asia for true surf trip next winter, with my eye on the Philippines. I am also headed down to Mexico for Mexi Log Fest at the end of this month. It’s a very grassrootsy surf contest on one of the best longboarding lefts in the world. Last year I flooded my housing and couldn't shoot some of the most talented longboarders in the world, so I am excited to redeem myself. 

Photography is a tough business these days. How do you think/look outside the box for new work?

Photography is a very tough and competitive market. I try and keep an open mind and do anything I can to make money off of my camera. That can be doing markets, selling online, shooting for brands, shooting weddings, product photography, etc.

Any advice for young artists just getting into photography?

Just stay true to yourself and shoot as much as possible. Constant shooting is a must to evolve and master your equipment. Shoot things that interest you and it will come naturally. Also, be a good people person, easy to deal with, so people will want to shoot with you and give you business. It takes no photographic skill to do that but it can take you a long way.

What do appreciate about the Nectar brand? Favorite Nectar style?

Nectar has always supported my photography. I love how the brand markets itself and that it’s affordable for everyone to enjoy. My favorite style is the Palms shades. They are great all-around glasses that I can wear to the beach—or to a wedding!

All photos by Justin Morris

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